Lack of competition in baseball rubbing mud.

Maybe everybody else already knew this, but I didn’t: every baseball in the big leagues gets rubbed with mud.

And not just any mud! It’s mud harvested from a particular spot, on a Delaware River tributary. It’s provided to MLB by a company called Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud.

Some quick Googling revealed that NPR also did a story on this back in 2009, where they reported that a 32-ounce container of rubbing mud cost $58 and would last a team for a season.

I bet you’re thinking what I’m thinking: why does America’s favorite pastime tolerate such an egregious monopoly? Don’t you think a little competition in the rubbing mud industry could result in lower prices? And what about Japan – where do they get their professional baseball rubbing mud from?

2 Comments on “Lack of competition in baseball rubbing mud.”

  1. Ian says:

    Seriously? Isn’t there a more important thing to whine about? Put your energy into curring cancer.

  2. dave bodine says:

    $58 a year? No accounting system can even find that number on the budget of a MLB team!! C’mon man! 32 teams times $58 is less than $2k/yr…cannot be correct since the guy sells 900 lbs of the stuff a year, and there are not that many minor league teams….assuming the 900 lbs at $29 per pound, this so called monopolist is grossing $26,100 per year. Call the Anti-Trust Division of DOJ stat!!!

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